First Reckoning 13

Though I speak with the tongues

of women and goddesses

and have not two breasts

I am become as the sound

of one hand clapping


And though I have the gift

of luster and embody

canyons of sensual

wisdom and the faith to move

my hips from the crux

of mystery and have not

two breasts

I am nothing


And though I live

straight from the heart

and sanctify my body

Without two breasts

it does me no good


Two breasts feed

the children and satisfy

the lover, please the

country and sell many goods


Two breasts delight not in

themselves but delight others

Two breasts give of themselves

not diminishing anyone they touch

Two breasts bear heavy attention

unyielding demand yet do not

waste the innocence of flesh


No matter flaunted, vaunted

or demure two breasts

are heartily welcome in most

places the high and the low


Two breasts don’t fail

even if they sag over time

or from nourishing


But where there be

cancer they might

vanish away


And now I am in part

not whole


And when she who is

two-breasted comes along

I am reminded

that which is in part

does not count


When I was a girl

before blossoming

I played as a child

I believed as a child

but when I grew two breasts

I understood


And now I see through

dark glass and know that

I shall not be known


Yet these three still abide

my truthful tongue, my wise hips




©leslie Peace jubilee

December 28, 2017


Election 2016

Clinton isn’t slinging baseless insults. She is calmly stating what Trump has said and done. She has not called Trump nasty, evil, or a very bad man. We have no recordings of her saying that she uses her position of power to grab people by their genitals. Further, she is not delusional. When she is confronted with things she has said or done, she admits it and either apologizes or explains why she did it (even if she does change the topic quickly). On the other hand, Trump can say something during a televised debate or interview one day and, when confronted about it the next day, claims he never said it.

We have to be realistic here. A vote for a third party candidate or not voting at all is a vote for Trump.

Do we really want a president who thinks stop and frisk is a good thing and who supports police brutality against communities of color? Do we really want a president who wants to take away a woman’s command of her own body? What would be next? Repealing the right of the LGBTQ  community to marry?

Do we want a president who wants to take the US out of the international climate agreement? Do we really want a president who brags about his celebrity status allowing him to sexually assault women? Imagine what he will think he can do to women once he is holding the most powerful position in the world. Do we want a president who will cause other nations around the world to look unfavorably on the US? The Obama presidency has improved our reputation around the world, but already the international community is saying that a Trump presidency would completely destroy what’s been gained.

Do we really want a president who will separate out members of a particular religion? We already know where such rhetoric can lead. Are we willing to take that risk?

There is no comparison between the “sins” of Clinton and the sins of Trump. I believe sexism–and internalized sexism/self hate–drive the animus against Clinton. Her male counterparts who have done similar things as she has got none of the vitriol that she has. I think it is imperative that we listen to Bernie Sanders and vote Clinton in this election. And if Democrats take the Senate, Sanders will be at the head of it and will have an influence on Clinton. They will be able to work together. Trump has divided his own party and does not seem interested in reaching across the aisle. How will he handle working with our own Senate not to mention the heads of other nations? By just claiming he didn’t say something that he is on record for saying? By threatening military action or just taking that action? For the love of whoever you love, please don’t let this man become president.

Yes, our government is not perfect. Yes, politicians lie. But with Clinton, we will not lose the ground we have gained during the Obama administration. With Clinton, we have someone who at least listens and considers and can be flexible on some of her positions. We have someone who admits she has changed her mind on certain issues after looking into them more deeply (as opposed to saying she never said it in the first place). We have someone who will focus on the issues at hand and issue a substantive response rather than calling a person or a group of people nasty, evil, very bad, bad hombres. With Clinton, at least we have hope.

With Trump, we risk our rights, our ability to strive toward peace within our nation and with other nations. We risk the humanity of so many US citizens. Are you sure you want to go back there?